Representative Kokoruda


Noreen Kokoruda

State Rep. Noreen Kokoruda proudly represents the 101st General Assembly District, which encompasses Durham and Madison. Noreen serves on the General Assembly’s Committees on Planning and Development, Children, Appropriations, and Education. As a member of the legislature’s committee on Legislative Management, Kokoruda serves as House Republican Deputy Leader at Large. She has lived in Madison for over 30 years and has spent the entire time dedicated to public service, and loves getting things done that positively impact her community.

Noreen Presents the Facts About Hartford and Madison

As the State of Connecticut struggles with decades of poor fiscal management and difficulties delivering on political promises, small well-run towns like Madison become potential targets. Here are the facts:

  • Although Madison residents send over $60 million in income taxes to the State each year, we receive less than $2 million (3%) back in the form of municipal aid.


  • Until 2016, Madison received over $1.6 million in educational funding. That has been cut by 75% to just over $400,000 for Madison schools. Remember, Madison sends $60 million to Hartford in state income taxes each year (a fact worth repeating).

  • Currently, there is a serious proposal in the Democratically-controlled State House to pass some of the long-ignored teacher pension liabilities on to each town. There is a proposal to institute a statewide property tax on cars plus an additional one mil property tax to help balance the state budget.


We need strong leadership and a team who will be vigilant in protecting Madison taxpayers from the continuous state money grab. We need to elect people who will stand up against these proposals.


We need independent leaders who will put us, our children, and grandchildren first.

Madison Republicans…People over Politics