Important Information

Preserving Our Future

Madison is fortunate to be a fiscally sound town in a state whose economy continues to stumble. As Tom Banisch has stated, “as well as things have gone, we face real challenges ahead. Property taxes will become a major issue if the economy in Connecticut doesn’t improve. As more taxpayers leave Connecticut for business-friendlier states, those of us who remain will be left to carry a heavier burden.” This is why experienced leadership – at every level – is more important than ever to preserve and build our future.


Republican Success for Madison

From enhancing downtown Madison, to tackling debt management, to advocating for local environmental issues, the Republican team has made Madison a more enjoyable and vibrant shoreline town.


What’s at Stake

Everything! Harmful policies under Governor Lamont and the Democratic lead General Assembly continue to impact our town in adverse ways.

Madison Voter Information

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Committee Officers


Amy Stefanowski


Vice Chairman




Alexander (Sandy) McKissick   



Mark Osora       

Recommendations Committee Chair

Ron Clark    


Nominations Committee Chair

Fillmore McPherson