Madison Republicans’ Accomplishments

Achieving Results for All Madison Residents

With hard work and cooperation from our constituents, we have implemented many programs, new projects, and developed regional partnerships. As a result, the town is in a stronger position, safer, and more beautiful.


Notable projects and accomplishments that have improved life in Madison


Balanced spending levels to maintain Moody’s Aaa bond rating: one of only 12 towns in Connecticut with this high rating.

Prudent, Proactive, Fiscal Management

We know growth and expansion can only come with fiscal discipline and careful spending:

  • We support borrowing limits to hold the line on long-term budget growth

  • Madison has the highest bond rating towns can achieve. We’re one of only 12 towns in Connecticut with a Aaa Bond rating – keeps borrowing costs low

  • We have held the line on tax increases in the face of drastically reduced funds from the State of CT.

  • Advocated state-wide leadership opposing teacher pension burdens allocated to towns (First Selectman Tom Banisch has taken leadership roles on Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Connecticut Council of Small Towns Organizations)


Library Expansion

Through hard work and alliances across town, we have tackled numerous iterations to resolve issues and initiate the downtown expansion of the library.

Renovation is now underway to create a 20,000 square feet addition, including a 90 seat community room, free meeting spaces, and a generous performance space.


Public Works

Under Former First Selectman Tom Banisch, we have continued reorganization and restructuring of the Public Works, Engineering, Building Departments and Fire Marshal’s office to provide better efficiencies to the public, including:

  • a second round of street repaving to keep roads in proper condition begins in the Fall

  • refinements to the snow plow routes and maps


Caring About Our Environment

We advocate for the creation of the Coastal Resiliency Committee to evaluate the impact of climate change and sea level rise on the Town of Madison and develop a plan and adaptation strategy to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our beaches, roads and infrastructure. Our efforts include:

  • Bronze level certification from Sustainable CT which  recognizes thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities

  • continued energy efficiency measures throughout town, including the replacement of fluorescent lamps at Town Campus, Ryerson, Polson and Jeffery schools with LED lighting, which reduced consumption by 40%

Managing Town Government for the Benefit of All Residents

 Our conservative efforts have led to:

  • Pedestrian / Biking Safety Committee for a people-friendly and bike-friendly downtown

  • New and increased focus on economic development as a pro-business platform, working with the Chamber of Commerce, state, and town agencies and businesses

  • We have empathy for those on fixed incomes and are very proud to have directed the establishment of a new Senior Tax Freeze Ordinance that will provide further aid for Madison seniors


  • Health Department – rejected district takeover, moved to full-time department head, and met state requirements

  • Accreditation of the Police & Dispatch by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.


Downtown Enhancements

Love the new downtown? Former First Selectman Tom Banisch and the entire Board of Selectmen have been working to improve the appearance of the center of Madison.


The new walkways and curbs, the lushly planted center median, the removal of utility poles – these are all brought to you by a team dedicated to the economic development of Madison – adding to the beauty of our beloved downtown.


Better Education Through Smart Spending


We endorse requiring reasonable financial reviews and assessments for all education projects and school plans.


Under decades of Republican leadership, Madison is proud of its excellent schools and growth in all academic, athletic, and extra-curricular disciplines.


Employee Milestones

We support enhanced employee training programs for town employees in order to provide the highest level of customer service to our citizens. This includes training through the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, without cost to the town, including:

  • the establishment of the town’s Risk Manager to ensure compliance with industry standards within our buildings and office locations


  • the creation of a town ADA Coordinator to ensure compliance with ADA standards within our buildings and office locations, as well as on our town’s website